Patton Fans – Simple and Effective Ventilation Solutions

Patton fans are one of the well-loved comfort solutions products of The Holmes Group, which was organized in 1982. In turn, the Holmes products, along with Patton electric fans, were bought by Jarden Corporation in July of 2005. The acquisition was part of the company’s integration of its businesses into Jarden Consumer Solutions, which thereafter became its subsidiary group.

Even before the purchase, Patton fans have already built a reputation of dependability and durability. They are quality fans that people have turned to for their homes and offices. Without doubt, many people have experienced for themselves the air cooling system of Patton fans that are said to reach an extensive portion of the room, if not the latter’s entirety.

Truly, Patton fans are built of quality materials that are designed to survive the ordinary wear and tear caused by regular use of fans. Patton fans are also made to withstand even the extraordinary and unusual deterioration caused by say, the inclement weather conditions.

Moreover, there are various designs of Patton fans from which people could choose from, depending on their needs. There are Patton floor fans, stand, table, power, tower, window and outdoor Patton fans.

Further, one can save money from using Patton fans as they are energy efficient and affordable. In hindsight, fans in general are actually rather good investments because they provide cool air and ventilation at a lower cost compared to using air conditioners and purifiers on a daily basis. Not to mention about Patton fans, which are built for easy installation, care and maintenance, transport and storage.


In addition, no Patton high velocity fan is distributed without a warranty. Depending on the actual Patton fan model purchased, the warranty could be up to 25 years. A manufacturer’s model number or date code is provided on every product, at the fan motor’s back or side, which guides a user in his determination of the warranty period.

The Patton fans company warranty covers both the product’s return and repair services. If the availment of the warranty is within the period, and after compliance with some basic requirements, the user may then take his Patton fan back to the store where he bought it either for refund or replacement. However, the same may only be possible within the thirty (30) days from the product’s purchase. Otherwise, beyond the thirty-day period so long as it is within the designated warranty period, Patton fans may be brought to any authorized Patton Service Center for replacement or repair of Patton fan parts.

To date, Patton fans are practically sold all over the world where Jarden has offices, such as those located in: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, India, France, Mexico, Germany, Peru, United Kingdom, Spain, United States and Venezuela.